For those of you that are new here, welcome to Pinpoint Electronics. We established ourselves in 2015 with the aim of bringing new and innovative products to the marine industry. Our aim is to supply product and support all things marine, from the leisure market to the commercial workboat, military, offshore and shipping sectors. We represent a broad range of manufacturers in the UK and around Europe whilst also working on specific related projects and contracts.

At the centre of Pinpoint is the safety of your crew and vessel by providing high-quality products to enhance your efficiency and operational capability. We understand that all the equipment that you use on your vessel must be reliable and durable to survive in the most uncompromising of environments. After all, only a working vessel generates revenues. All our products rely on global and competent world-wide service networks in the event of more complex needs – at port or at sea – ensuring we optimise the operability of your vessel.

Our highly innovative portfolio of navigation and safety products, systems, solutions and services covers the entire lifecycle. All of our products are carefully sourced to meet global standards, so we wanted to introduce you to four of our product categories.

1. Autonomous

If you are looking to make your marine options more efficient and improve your safety, look no further, Sea Machines autonomous systems are already being used by the US Government. They are a tried and tested solution that can either be retrofitted or be part of a new build project. Sea Machines have also teamed up with a boat manufacturer should you want a new vessel. The Sea Machines’ concept however removes the need for a high capital outlay of a new vessel and sensors. An ASV uses the same sensors as a manned vessel so you can just retrofit a Sea Machines SM300 to an existing vessel.

We understand that technology is constantly evolving, that is why suggest you talk to us because we have an advanced understanding of the marine environment, critical sensors and system integration so can offer you unparalleled levels of support.

With our help, we can determine your requirements and find a cost effective autonomous system that is right for you, your crew and your vessel

2. Navigation

Don’t be adrift, we can update you on the industry’s Navigation technology advances. Technology is evolving so fast it is hard to keep on top of what is happening and the impact it will have on your vessel and operations. We regularly attend exhibitions looking for new products, get updates from the key OEMs and ‘keep our feet on the ground’ and discover what the latest industry challenges are and how they are being handled.

Pinpoint can source, supply and service all types of navigation technology such as integrated bridge systems, stand alone hardware & software and partners who supply automation. All of our equipment has been developed to the highest standard possible and there is very little we can’t source.

You will also be happy to hear that we will provide a comprehensive quotation taking into all considerations not just the capital costs. We look carefully at the technical aspect, service capability, global support and total cost of ownership. We are not restricted to what product we offer so will offer the best product to meet your requirements.

It is important that your operations are future proof and not just the capital costs are considered. We can help you make the correct choice, providing you with all the information, so you can plan with ease with our experience and support.

3. Safety and Rescue

If you work on or near water, your safety is of the utmost importance to us here at Pinpoint. That is why we have an entire section dedicated to safety and rescue. Our range includes a range of personal locator and tracking beacons, Life Cell buoyant devices, emergency stretchers and pumps. The sea is perilous, any water is hazardous, whether that be because of extreme weather concerns or geographic concerns, you should always be prepared.

4. Security and tracking

Last but certainly not least is our security and tracking products. These products cover a very broad spectrum of markets because the manufacturers we work with are SMEs therefore they are very versatile and can personalise a product for your needs and requirements. Our security and tracking products range from fully integrated high performance infrared cameras for the military, underwater security sensors for ports, hulls and bridges to high-performance MDA (Marine Domain Awareness) systems.

Contact us

Our products are bespoke to you; you simply have to communicate what your requirements are. All your questions and comments are always welcome so if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us today.