At Pinpoint Electronics the safety of your crew at sea is of the utmost importance for us. We understand just how critical it is to have products and systems in place that are reliable, durable and sturdy enough to use at sea.

This blog post will discuss ways you can stay safe at sea, aside from the traditional life jackets that should be on every vessel that sets sail.

Pinpoint Electronics safety

Pinpoint has been working in the marine industry for over 20 years, therefore, we have had a lot of experience dealing with and developing marine safety products. We particularly specialise in the offshore, workboat, defence and renewable sectors due to the nature of our product range.

Marine safety box

We will start off with the life-saving device that should be on every vessel, the marine safety box. This device has been designed to keep all the mandatory safety equipment you might need in the event of an accident.

The box itself has been designed to be a lightweight flotation device that is highly visible. This box includes flares, a torch, heliograph, air horn and EPIRB.


Next up is the easyOne, which has been designed to integrate into every automatic lifejacket. The easyOne has been designed to be released after the lifejacket has been inflated, and it will float free in an upright position.

The antenna then unfurls to maximise the transmission range, and then a bright flashing LED light will aid detection and recovery at night.


When at sea, operational navigation equipment, such as a Class B AIS, is important as you never know when poor weather conditions might occur. Whether you are in a fishing vessel, workboat or crew transfer vessel AIS will provide a real-time picture of the traffic and therefore assist with collision avoidance and will help you reach your destination with ease.


You should always make sure your equipment is fully operational and accessible in times of an emergency in order for your vessel to be safe. The safety of your crew should be paramount.

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