Pinpoint Electronics is a trusted provider of navigation and safety equipment for offshore oil and gas applications anywhere in the world. We use some of the most advanced technologies and the knowledge that our team has is second to none, backed by the OEMs Our aim is to source, supply,install, support and maintain a system that gives the operator confidence, all within their budget.

The navigation equipment maintenance that we provide delivers optimum performance, advanced functionality, versatility and compatibility with a very large variety of systems and solutions. Using a combination of our industry knowledge and technological advancements we are able to solve some of the most important issues that oil and gas companies encounter as they undertake their offshore operations.

The oil and gas industry presents many challenges and often involves work in challenging and harsh environments. These challenges are made easier with the right equipment and through innovation and our expertise we can help your company achieve its operational objectives. Reliability isn’t really an option in oil and gas, it is essential and the equipment and systems that you have must perform at their best.

To find out more about the oil rig equipment maintenance equipment that we offer or our offshore oil and gas navigation systems, please contact our team who will provide you with all the details you need.