When it comes to search and rescue, you need high quality equipment that you can count on. We supply a a diverse range of equipment that is designed to work in the harsh maritime environment to support emergency services and rescue operations. SAR equipment is critical to not only the lives being saved but also those who risking their own lives daily running the rescue mission. It is important therefore to ensure that they, the emergency services and operators, use safe and reliable systems to fully support their operation.

We work closely with a variety of organisations such as the military and industries such as oil and gas to understand the risks and the safety equipment that rescuers need to use if an accident occurs in or near the water.

Our team will get to know your organisation and the challenges that you face. Every industry and organisation will be different and will encounter their own unique challenges. Pinpoint will however seek a solution to support your individual environment.

Pinpoint Electronics has a vast amount of experience at sea and will aim to source and supply the system to best serve your mission. Your business can operate knowing that you have the right systems and equipment in place if the worst should happen.

Contact our friendly, knowledgeable and skilled team today to find out everything you need to know about our quality life saving systems.