Diving safety equipment will equip your divers for all kinds of situations such as supply issues with oxygen, failure of equipment or problems when surfacing. Having the right diving safety equipment is crucial to any operation that you undertake, whether it’s a training exercise or a real rescue or diving expedition. Water tracking devices will aid rescue.As experienced professionals in the marine industry, we supply some of the best equipment that you need including scuba diving safety equipment or water rescue equipment kits. An SMB or delayed SMB is one of the most effective visual aids that you can have as a diver, both marking surface positioning and allowing you to signal if you become separated from your diving group or dive route. Although shouting might seem loud enough to you, it is often difficult to hear onboard a boat with other noises such as the sea and the engine. These devices are often incorporated into a whistle or buckle that can work in water.

Electronic devices are being increasingly used as part of water rescue equipment kits and as technology continues to evolve, the components become more advanced and are typically used for positioning while on dive routes.

Whatever type of equipment you need for individual divers or a diving team, we supply a selection of high quality equipment to keep you safe. If there is something specific that you are looking for, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team who will be able to advise further once we understand your requirements.