As an independent distributor and systems integrator, we can offer an extensive range of marine products primarily for navigation and communication systems.  Pinpoint is focused on supplying and supporting the cruise ship industry with systems that assist the vessel to operate safely, efficiently and are easy to maintain throughout their life.

Pinpoint Electronics has worked with a number of clients providing all kinds of products and services including internal and external communications and navigation systems onboard cruise ships. Each one of the products or services that we offer is designed to offer optimum performance, reliability and quality.

With our broad range of expertise, underpinned by our partners and specialist companies around the world, we can help you with projects ranging from competitive standalone equipment, small and cost effective upgrades to complete integrated systems. Our services cover consultancy, design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning, spare parts, maintenance and complete integrated systems for all vessel types.

Navigation and communication systems on cruise ships are complex but our team, and key suppliers, can provide the necessary experience and support. We offer incredible flexibility, high quality products and first class support to every project.

To find out more about our services or to discuss one of our solutions such as a cruise ship navigation system, please contact our team who will be happy to help.