For many years, Pinpoint Electronics have been supplying commercial and industrial shipping equipment and navigation systems to all kinds of SOLAS vessels. We have worked with leading OEMs delivering both the initial capital cost and advice on through life support. Using our extensive expertise and in depth knowledge of international regulations, we provide a range of commercial shipping safety and rescue gear that is specifically designed for commercial applications from coded passenger vessels through to offshore installations and fishing boats. We believe in offering incredible value, quality and reliability to our clients offering cost effective equipment and systems that matches your requirements perfectly.

Our navigation products and commercial navigation system design is suitable for all types of vessels in the commercial sector including merchant marine and cruise ships. The customer service that we deliver to clients is second to none, so too is our technical expertise, advising on all aspects of autopilot and steering through to radars and gyro compass technologies.

For cargo ships, ferries and tankers we offer a reliable, world class navigation systems that are fully compliant with the latest regulations and rules. We will work through your requirements in order to determine the best solution to meet your budget. All our systems have been installed successfully on many commercial vessels and can easily be integrated into existing bridges and navigational systems used on worldwide fleets.

For commercial fleets, reliability and performance in sometimes challenging environments is critical. We offer a broad selection of advanced systems that you can rely on when you need to, and they all meet the strictest of safety and quality standards.

If you need any type of commercial navigation, communication and safety equipment, our team can help. Contact us today to talk through your requirements further and we will send you all the details.