Our products can be extensively customised for specific requirements. They range from high performance AIS transceivers to a fully integrated sensors such as AIS, Radar, CCTV and communications. These solutions provide global cover and there is a variety of different technology that combines with the hardware providing a solution to meet different budgets. Using any of these combinations, your vessel position will be tracked with precision, delivering a powerful insight to your MDA.

Pinpoint Electronics use our industry knowledge to offer clients the very best in tracking and navigation. technology.

All of our systems and products have been extensively tested, ensuring that they meet the current safety and regulatory standards so you can rest assured that they will work well with your existing applications and systems.

We also offer a diver detection solution once again proving a higher level of security sub surface. Using Farsounder’s 3D phased array technology, we can install these around a port, of vessel hull, creating a live image of the surrounding water improving. With the varying security threats currently around the world this provides the ‘peace of mind’ that will ensurer that you have up to date information to aid the decision making process.

Night Vision Technology Solutions brings to government, commercial and private customers the most innovative & cost effective, Thermal Imaging (IR) Camera Systems available today.

For any of our security and vessel tracking solutions , we can offer comprehensive advice and guidance to clients on all of our products so you can make an informed decision on which is the best one for you.