Bringing you the latest in navigation technology from marine radar through to ship navigation equipment, Pinpoint Electronics have some of the best products that can improve operational efficiency and enhance navigation and communications onboard your vessel. All of the products that we supply are designed to maximise performance. The equipment that we supply can be used on coded vessels : fishing fleets, work boats and offshore vessels to large commercial ships.
The marine radars, and integrated bridge packages, that we supply have been developed to the highest of standards and they meet the latest performance requirements from the International Maritime Organisation.

Our AIS, ship transponder, technology is a world leader in maritime domain awareness (MDA). We provide reliable and extremely precise systems for MDA solution for applications for vessels (AIS), ports (VTS) and fisheries (VMS). These solutions are used by government organisations, naval forces and ports around the world to enhance monitoring for enhanced surveillance for security and safety purposes.

With decades of experience in the marine industry, we have developed extensive industry knowledge so that we can provide our clients with world class marine radar and ship navigation equipment. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver impartial advice, offering you guidance on what product(s) will work best for your vessel, and or port, to maximise performance, safety and reliability, whatever requirements you may have.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are available at any time to answer any questions that you have, so contact us today to find out more about our ship navigation equipment.