With decades of experience in the marine industry and ship to shore communication systems along with our extensive portfolio and knowledge, we are able to offer clients some of the best autonomous marine systems and services for your shipping and marine operational requirements.

Autonomous systems can power today’s ships making marine operations far safer. From communications systems through to the sensors onboard all of these products need to function reliably and with precision. The technology used in ships continues to evolve and as it does so, suppliers such as ourselves need to respond to the demand for the latest technologies that ships need to navigate the seas safely and accurately. Using our advanced understanding of the marine industry, we can offer an unrivalled level of support to help you find and install the right equipment for your vessels. We have worked with some leading organisations from the shipyards through to government organisations.

The safety and integrity of your communications systems is of utmost importance and the sensors whether on a new build or refitting a vessel, need to be very carefully integrated with the autonomous marine system and comply with current standards and regulations too giving you greater peace of mind.

Pinpoint Electronics has been trusted by countless organisations as a provider of high quality electronic systems and products. Our team are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry, with decades of experience and an understanding of the requirements of companies in the marine and shipping industries.

To find out more about our maritime autonomous products or marine systems, please contact our team today who will advise further.