Before precise navigation, fishermen relied on their memory to guide them across the sea. This blog post will take you back to before the 20th century, then it will bring you back to the present. Technology has developed so much over the years, and here at Pinpoint Electronics, we can proudly say that fishermen are safer thanks to the products and services we offer.

Read on to find out how navigation plays apart in fishing.

History lesson

Back before the 20th century, fishermen depended on basic tools to navigate safely to fishing spots, then back to shore. Most relied on their memory, as many had years of experience in the industry. Landmarks and memorable objects were used as tools to remember their course, whilst a compass was also utilised.

The downfall of this method, however, was that many fishermen became lost or disoriented if the weather was to turn.

Over the years, technology has developed to allow fishermen to navigate their way across the sea with ease, even in horrendous weather conditions.

Pinpoint Electronics and fishing

Pinpoint Electronics has experience working in the marine industry for over 20 years, therefore, we have developed exceptional technical knowledge. Over the years we have sourced, supplied and installed new and innovative navigation and communications equipment such as radar, fish finders, AIS, EPIRBs and AIS to fishing boats, improving navigation and safety on boats.

How navigation helps fishing

We will start with the obvious answer to the questions, ‘how do navigation systems help fishing?’ Navigation helps fishermen to arrive safely at the destination they seek and helps them to navigate safely back to shore.

Going further into this discussion, varies types of sonar helps to find underwater targets while radar helps to aid navigation through difficult weather.

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