Maritime & Coastguard Agency

We are delighted to see that the MCA has issued a number of new marine guidance notes (MGNs) which include the one regarding the good practice of stowage of life-saving appliances.

Please see MGN14 (G)  – Yacht and Powerboat Safety at Sea – Stowage of Life- Saving Appliances – Good Practice.

Life Cell Marine Safety was established following a real life accident where Scott Smiles found that his safety appliances were not readily available when his boat sank off the coast of Australia.

Following the incident, where he fortunately survived, he thought closely about what happened and the fact he did have all his safety equipment onboard however it took nearly 3 hours before they were rescued.

Life Cell Marine have created a device that redefines how safety equipment is stored and used. The Life Cell will reduce the number of people that tragically lose their life in boating incidents. Life Cell is now fully endorsed by the very people that saved their lives, the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter.