There are a number of threats for vessels at sea. For example, there are weather hazards, geographic dangers and even potential technological hazards, if you don’t have the right equipment. With so many threats and potential dangers it is important you are prepared as well as aware of these hazards.

This blog post does not contain every single threat at sea, however, it does contain navigating hazards and ways in which you can prevent or reduce the danger.

Navigation safety

Weather and geographical hazards can potentially play a part in affecting your navigating abilities. Geographic dangers can include coral reefs and sandbars, which can be hard to navigate if you have not planned effectively.

It is also important that a ship’s officer accurately knows the position of your vessel when you are on the open sea. You need current charts and the latest NavTex data for all up to date warnings and nat reliable navigation in order to help with positioning, speed and to obviously make sure you are heading in the right direction. All of these factors ensure that the vessel reaches the destination intact and with all the crew and cargo safely on-board.

Navigation products

To avoid catastrophic navigation error while you are out at sea, we suggest you look into our navigation selection. We aim to provide you with the latest in navigation technology. Our products range from marine radars to ship navigation equipment.

In our navigation section, we have products such as the far sounder, Class B AIS and Easy Airdrop – Rescue.

How we help with navigation

Our navigation products aim to improve operational efficiency and enhance the navigation of your vessel. We can confidently say that all of our equipment in this category has been designed to maximise the performance of your vessel.

Who can utilise navigation equipment

The equipment we have in this category can be utilised on fishing fleets, workboats, coded vessels and offshore vessels. We also have equipment that can be utilised on large commercial ships.
Our main aim is to keep you safe at sea, so make sure to invest in the equipment that is the right for your vessel. Navigate the sea with ease by having the right navigation equipment on board.

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