Life Cell was born from an experience that clearly demonstrates just how vital marine safety equipment is. The company’s directors found themselves stranded in open water 10km off the coast of Sydney. After watching their boat sink to the bottom of the sea and surviving the whole ordeal, the two seafarers set out to redefine how safety equipment is stored and used. Their goal was to improve survival rates and significantly reduce the number of people who suffer in boating accidents. From here, the Life Cell was born and is now endorsed by SOLAS, Lloyds Register and Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter.

Pinpoint Electronics has partnered with many impressive names throughout the years and are no such exception. Born from a dedication to innovation and technological advances, they align with our goals to support those with an adoration for the sea. On this page, we aim to bring you the latest news and developments of Life Cell. We want you to be the first people to know about new technology to assist in drowning prevention, designed to keep mariners and passengers safe at sea. So from the recognition of their product as one of the leading releases in 2018 through to awards and their work with different marine-connected agencies, you’ll find everything right here.

Pinpoint Electronics believes in innovation when it comes to safety and navigation. If you have any questions about our partnership with Life Cell or any of the other information available on our website, please get in contact today.