Life Cell Marine Safety

Life Cell Marine Safety has made the shortlist in the Safety at Sea Awards 2018

The Safety at Sea awards are an opportunity to applaud the individuals and companies at the forefront of safety in global shipping and recognise the incredible work that is being done to protect crew and vessels at sea. 

The awards celebrate innovations and achievements in the fields of:

– Training

– Operations

– Equipment

– Services

The Safety at Sea awards are organised by the world’s only dedicated monthly safety magazine. Safety at Sea has been devoted to improving global maritime safety for over half a century and continues to stay on the pulse of the biggest trends impacting crew welfare to this day.

Life Cell was entered into the following category: Best Safety Product or Service of the Year

This category aims to reward a new safety product or an existing product that has been improved and relaunched. The winning entry must demonstrate an innovative and original
development that has the potential to improve safety on board or onshore. Entries are sought from manufacturers of life saving appliances, monitoring systems, communications technology or services that protect life or the vessel.

Congratulations @LifeCellMarine !!

Best Safety Product or Service of the Year