The importance of safety equipment on boats is undeniable. Safety equipment is often stowed away making it difficult to locate in a time of emergency. Life Cell however combines all essential safety equipment in a flotation device.  This therefore significantly reduces the chance of these safety items being lost or unable to be found in time to abandon the vessel.

If you do end up in the water, Life Cell will not only keep you afloat it will, in addition, keep everybody together and provide a stable platform from which to operate your safety equipment at the appropriate time.

Fire onboard

Four men escaped overboard as a fire engulfed the vessel in Sydney Harbour. Grant subsequently was very grateful for having a Life Cell onboard.


“Firstly I would like to thank you for such a great product, knowing in an instant where all the required safety gear is located and the comfort of knowing that we had an additional highly visible flotation object when we needed to abandon ship provided some form of comfort. 

Luckily the local authorities were very quick to respond to our call for assistance and we had a vessel nearby not long after we entered the water”. 

Grant, Sydney

The Life Cell is highly visible with clear signage and is simple to use even for the novice boater. It is also designed to float off its mounting bracket in the event of a vessel sinking or capsizing.