Is offshore renewable the future or will it simply blow over? The world is full of sources of clean power which can be gained from waves, wind and tides. This type of energy will never run out, ever! With saving the environment more important than ever, renewable energy is seen as the step we all need to take in order to help the planet.

For nearly three years we have been working with companies in the offshore renewables sector. We understand the importance of offshore renewables, so we thought we would shed some light on this topic.

What are offshore renewables?

When we discuss offshore renewables we are referencing the generation of electricity from a clean source such as ocean-based sources. Offshore renewables include wind, tides and wave energy.

The energy collected from offshore renewables can be used for electricity generation, water heating and cooling, rural energy services and even transportation.

When was the first offshore wind farm built?

The first offshore wind farm was built in 1991 and was built in Denmark. This wind farm was known as Vindeby Offshore wind farm. It cost a whopping €10 million to build, but the extensive list of benefits is worth the cost after years of providing renewable energy.

How we help

As previously mentioned we have been working with companies that operate vessels in the offshore renewable sector. We have many products that assist with the safety of your vessels and crew and the vessel’s maintenance and functionality of offshore renewables.

For example, we supply navigation aids as well as safety equipment to offshore technicians. Our Saviour stretchers, designed for vertical hoist and confined spaces extraction) and our locating devices are ideal for wind farms and CTVs that improve both wind farm and marine safety.

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