We have been working in the marine industry for approximately thirty years, so it is safe to say we have worked with many different clients in various sectors. Each client has distinctive requirements, so we have learnt to adapt to each client in order to meet their personal requirements.

We offer tailored consulting for your marine system and unrivalled client care, along with other services, however, this blog post will discuss the type of sectors we have worked with.
Read on to find out some of the sectors we work with.

Cruise Ships

The first mention of cruise ships might make you think of relaxing and vacations, however, we think about the sensors that safely guide the vessel. We have worked with cruise ships by providing products such forward looking sonar, bridge navigation systems and satellite communications systems.


Commercial vessels refer to boats or ships engaged with commercial trades. We have worked with commercial vessels by installing and supplying navigation systems and safety solutions.

Offshore Renewables

With renewable energy becoming more and more paramount in today’s world, is it any surprise that offshore renewables are on our list! We have been providing offshore renewables with navigation aids and safety equipment for offshore technicians.

We value the work offshore technicians do, therefore, we are proud that we are able to keep them safe.

Oil and gas

Even though offshore renewables is on our list, that doesn’t mean oil and gas get left out. A number of our products are being used in this sector already and as both sectors all crew being transported to and from their sites should remain safe.

Rescue Services

The final sector on our list is rescue services. Rescue services put their lives on the line to search and rescue those that are lost at sea. It is only right that we provide them with reliable and high-quality equipment that they can rely on.


Of course, we work with other sectors including the defence, fishing, diving and leisure industries; however, that might be a blog post for another day. We have built our knowledge and skills over the years so that we can provide every sector with valuable knowledge and high-quality services and products.

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