Antartic Endurance

Antarctic Endurance 2016 is a 2-year research programme looking at team dynamics and performance, centred on a 6-week sailing and mountaineering expedition to the Antarctic and South Georgia in January/February 2016, a century on from Shackleton’s extraordinary recovery from the Weddell Sea.  The aim of the project is to stand on the shoulders of Shackleton to inspire a new generation of sailors and Marines to seek adventure and challenge.  It will celebrate both the extraordinary achievements in 1914-16 of Shackleton and his men and the raw grit and determination evident in the young men and women of today’s Naval Service.  The programme will be used to educate the Naval Command, MOD and industry in key aspects of team dynamics and leadership that can be applied across the full spectrum of military operations, management and business.

A group of serving Royal Marines and Navy under went a series of winter mountain training in Scotland and sail training in the South until a final team was selected. The team were kitted out in preparation for the expedition chose equipment and clothing suitable for the treacherous environment. The team chose the Weatherdock easyONE AIS MOB devices to integrate with their life jackets. This decision was based on the 2015 Yachting Monthly review as the ‘Best Rated’ AIS MOB device. The Weatherdock easyONE is fully automatic, buoyant, an excellent range of 7nm+ and battery life of 24 hrs with operating temperatures -20°C to + 55°C .

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