Pinpoint’s founding members have been in the maritime industry for many years, as both mariners and then serving a number of different marine industry sectors.  Pinpoint therefore has exceptional understanding of our products that we represent but also has a good understanding of the environment and industry requirements. This knowledge allows us to easily communicate complex information in a non-technical manner to engineers and customers. Our core focus is sourcing and supplying new, and innovative, marine electronic and safety equipment.

We can supply all the bridge navigation and communications electronics that you need, whether it’s a spare part for a single vessel or a full integrated bridge system for a fleet. We have experience in project managing fleet fits of equipment such as ECDIS, Radar and BNWAS to ensure the fleet complies with the latest standards.

Our carefully selected marine electronic and safety equipment is designed for maximum reliability, precision and performance. Our capabilities in this area are unrivalled and we use the latest technologies to create customisable solutions even for the most complex of requirements.

Pinpoint aims to solve the problem and provide first class support. We will consider all aspects of the problem and will provide a transparent proposal which focuses on maintaining the operational capability of your vessel.

The team at Pinpoint are amongst some of the most approachable, knowledgeable and trusted professionals in the industry, we work tirelessly to bring you market leading marine products that get the results you need.

When it comes to military operations there is no compromise on the quality or reliability of the systems that you use and when you purchase products from us, you can rest assured that you will receive the very best. Here are just a few of the clients we have helped: